Four-hand tantric massage

Four-hand tantric massage

Four-hand tantric massage

Four hand tantric massage is an unforgettable experience, absolutely unique and changing the perception of pleasure. Sometimes using synchronous movements on both halves of the body and sometimes following intuition. Two masseuses or masseurs simultaneously massages the right and left side of the body or in an up and down direction. A double dose of relaxation, chill, full pleasure and a full departure 🙂 The service is still exclusive, although it was once only available to selected people.

Four-hand tantric massage

Tantric massage is a deeply relaxing and at the same time cleansing work with the body, mind and spirit. Using sexual energy, it places the body on the feeling, removes the blockades that apply on the way to the full enjoyment of life and its radiance.

4-hand tantric massage is offered to people who have already adopted several  2-hand tantric massage sessions and their sexual energy begins to flow freely through energy centers. Then such people can actually feel the benefits of four-hand massage. We start the massage with a short meditation of three, during which we settle in the body and together with a slow movement and deep breath we release all tensions, stress and negative emotions. We connect with each other on the level of consciousness, heart and body – which allows us to tune with each other and prepare the space for an extremely deep experience.

The benefits of 4-hand tantric massage:

  • unique, non-standard experience
  • two masseuses taking care of your body, mind and soul at the same time
  • fast and effective reduction of stress and cumulative tension in the body and head
  • experience of different energy qualities at the same time
  • a double dose of pleasure and bliss
  • letting go of control and full submission to a deep, conscious and sensual touch
  • recovery of vitality, energy and life forces.


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We kindly invite you. Wake up your sexual energy. Let yourself feel like a god, goddess, because during the massage we pay homage to the female essence and masculine essence in each of us.

Four-hand tantric massage can be ordered through this form If you have questions, you want to learn more about tantric massages please contact us






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