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Tantra Massage Warsaw

Individually chosen with our clients
Mokotów district, Warsaw – Poland

Special offer!

We offer the package

  • 3 tantric massages for 150 PLN less (50 PLN less for each massage included in the package)
  • the package is full payable before the first massage
  • package to be used within 1.5 months from the date of purchase

What is a tantric massage?

We invite you for an exceptional and completely different massage than you have ever experienced.

Tantric massage is a deeply relaxing, and, at the same time, healing journey to your body, to feeling all emotions, including high states of pleasure.

It is a very sensual insight into the inside of yourself through the activation of sexual energy, which according to tantra is transformative and deeply respected. Through tantric massage, we strive to awaken life energy, which is sexual energy in every cell of our body. In this way we nourish the body and mind, which will thank us with openness to new, often ecstatic experiences, increased willingness to experience the charms of everyday life, stimulation of creativity.

Tantric massage allows a real experience of respect and love for your body and for yourself.