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What is a tantric massage?

We invite you for an exceptional and completely different massage than you have ever experienced.

Tantric massage is a deeply relaxing, and, at the same time, healing journey to your body, to feeling all emotions, including high states of pleasure.

It is a very sensual insight into the inside of yourself through the activation of sexual energy, which according to tantra is transformative and deeply respected. Through tantric massage, we strive to awaken life energy, which is sexual energy in every cell of our body. In this way we nourish the body and mind, which will thank us with openness to new, often ecstatic experiences, increased willingness to experience the charms of everyday life, stimulation of creativity.

Tantric massage allows a real experience of respect and love for your body and for yourself.

Tantric massage Warsaw - what is its secret?

Soul and body are like a marriage. They must grow old at the same time. Otherwise, the soul will tire the body or the body the soul - said the Greek professor Konstantinos Tsatsos. That's why it's so important to take care of both body and soul, so that there is harmony in life.

This is what tantric massage is all about. It is a relaxing and healing technique of working with the body, which brings a lot of benefits to every cell of the body, but also improves the mental state. During the massage vital energy is activated - otherwise known as sexual energy, which has nothing to do with sex or physical pleasure. It is a sacred, respected life energy that gives us the strength to achieve goals and the desire to life in the family, at work and in every other area.

What is the power of tantric massage? First of all, tantric massage does not have a focused goal. This is a practice that is done in female energy. The person performing the massage activates vital energy with movements both with and without touching the body. The movement of female energy (sexual energy is female energy, but not all female energy is sexual energy) in turn contributes to unblock energy blockages in chakras and energy channels.

The female energy begins to move more freely in the body, which in turn affects the beneficial effects for the physical and mental body. What is important, the effects are most often felt for many weeks, and sometimes for many months after massage. Tantric massage relaxes, brings relief, even leads to deep emotion and feeling real emotions, enables the flow of energy through the whole body and often opens to greater physical and emotional feeling. emotional.

And although tantric massage, also recognized as a deep type of meditation, has existed since the 1960s, in fact sexual energy was used already in times before our era, for example by priestesses in temples - already her power was appreciated. Although at that time, practices performed in temples where a certain hierarchy prevailed, were aimed at the goal of, for example, healing a specific problem of a person.

We offer tantric massages in Warsaw, which take place in the Anahata Tantra Temple, i.e. in a specially designated place used only for massages, yoga and meditation. A quiet, peaceful and safe space it is conducive to a complete opening to a sensual journey into oneself.

Tantric massage therapists dressed in pareo use only natural products, such as edible coconut oil velvety covering the body. The guest can choose whether to receive the massage without clothes or in underwear, because the most important thing is comfort and respecting boundaries.

Tantric massage Warsaw - what are the benefits?

What can you gain when your body and soul enjoy a tantric massage performed by our certified specialists?

  • Accepting your own body
  • Releasing fears, traumas, blockages and negative beliefs
  • Less self-conscious during sex
  • Opening up to closeness, intimacy, connection with the other person
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Have more joy and peace in your life
  • Motivation to act
  • Appreciating your appearance and character
  • Increased sexual pleasure

Tantric massage is a gateway to relaxation, bliss, arousing desire at home with a partner, increasing courage in life, opening to sensations and emotions, and above all, to greater self-love. Already even after the first session, you can feel these benefits, and often you will feel intense emotions: from joy and laughter, to crying and despair, if the body is open and the female energy moves freely.

While moving the energy without touching the body there can be whole body energy orgasms (for example belly or heart). This is positively shocking for many, as it is without touching intimate places or other parts erogenous, and most often completely without touch, with the only energy movement about 10-20 cm from the body, orgasms can be felt in different places on the body. For many people, tantric massage is a mystical experience.

Warsaw tantric massage

Body, mind, heart and soul - these four zones must be equally cared for so that a person can enjoy a complete, harmonious life. Tantric massage covers all these zones with tenderness and care. Fantastic relaxes the muscles, calms down, banishes thoughts, allows you to be here and now, it improves relations with people, and even makes it easier to find yourself in the rush of the 21st century. It is like an antidote to haste, stress, neglect of your needs and excess difficult emotions.

Sexual energy allows you to experience sincere, natural sensations and deep relaxation, and also helps you explore your own sexuality. So notice that it touches every zone, and as we mentioned earlier, it is a type of massage similar to deep meditation. Release your sexual energy with certified and experienced specialists who will respect your boundaries - contact us! 

Tantric massage Warsaw - does it have anything to do with erotic?

Tantric massage is not an erotic massage. Although it can bring bliss in the body, often a cascade of positive emotions, stimulation of the senses and more joy from sex life, because every body reacts otherwise, it is much more. It consists in working with energy, body and soul, an experience on a deeper level, which is why various emotions may appear, and even purifying crying.

A real tantric massage allows sexual energy to flow freely through the body, feeds the senses, clears energy channels, and relieves many everyday burdens. Sexual energy moves from the lower chakras to higher and releases blockages, purifying body and soul.  

Are intimate zones touched during a tantric massage? You can, but it is not necessary - everything depends on the massaged person and their limits. Tantric massage therapists do not aim to stimulate intimacy in order to reach orgasm. Because erotic massage is about releasing the tension accumulated in the genitals, and tantric massage is about releasing sexual energy that affects the body and psyche. Yes so a tantric massage is not an erotic massage, and the movements of specialists are not intended to typically relieve tension in intimate places.

Of course, each person reacts differently, sometimes with joy, sometimes with tears, but the type of massage that is tantric massage is an energetic experience aimed at deeper feelings than sexual.

Tantric massage Warsaw center Anahata Tantra

So how does a tantric massage session in Warsaw go? The whole process usually lasts about 3-4 hours and consists of:

  • Transmission of ancient knowledge about temple arts and modern knowledge about tantric massage (about 1h)
  • Meditation
  • Massage with a guarantee of energy purity (we do not exchange energy)
  • Music therapy, aromatherapy and bioenergy therapy

We are not an ordinary massage parlour, but a place where you will feel the temple atmosphere. You will taste with your senses a paramedical treatment that affects the body and psyche, improving the experience in many spheres of life. During the massage you will also meet your sexuality to explore its secrets. We offer a safe and comfortable meeting, during which your boundaries are the most important - we respect each one, especially when it comes to touch.

Tantric massage Warsaw price

Tantric massage in Warsaw, which allows contact with the physical body and psyche, is a deeply relaxing journey that will open you to life. We will introduce you to the path of self-discovery - knowledge gained over the years and advanced practice made us know what a real tantric massage in Warsaw is all about.

Our competence is evidenced by numerous training courses, diplomas and certificates. You can take advantage of the offer individually or with a partner - we invite women and men who are looking for a deeper meaning, and above all to all the joy of life, balance, relief.


Individually chosen with our clients


Warsaw, Mokotów district


+48 579 512 878