Kashmiri ritual

tanrta massage

It’s an amazing, deep, intimate, passionate, spiritual experience.

We offer the Kashmiri Massage Ritual only to those of you who have already received tantric massage from us, who work on their sexual energy and want to expand the experience on the tantric path.

Kashmiri massage

The massage ritual comes from northern India from the tradition of Kashmiri Shiva. It will take you to a world where deep intimacy, closeness and passion are the highest values. It is a ceremony of love, trust, total devotion, submission to touch and high-energy that embrace the whole being. It is an extremely deep journey inside yourself in a completely safe space. As soon as you prepare your body properly, the Kashmiri Massage Ritual will be a magical event for you, reaching for your power, getting to an ecstatic nature.

This massage is completely different. Unique. It is a conscious spiritual practice through the body. Thanks to the special positions of the body, energy is activated, which cleans all chakras one by one and provides an amazing bodily and spiritual experience.