Fire Snake

tantra massage

Awaken the fire of passion and open yourself to ecstatic sensations

We offer snake massage to people we know, who have already received several tantric massages, and sexual energy flows freely through their bodies.

This is an advanced massage of temple sexuality. The main purpose of the massage is to activate the intelligent, multi-gaseous energy of Kundalini Shakti, which fills up and vibrates the whole body. It is the energy of incredible pleasure, well-being and abundance. This energy feeds and nourishes all the cells of the body. Polarizing with male energy in the body, cleans old records from cellular memory. It releases blocks that don’t allow you to live in a natural, that is, ecstatic and at the same time harmonious way. It activates the forces of self-regeneration, opens the body to new ones.

The massage is done with snake movements. The touch is deep; slow but determined; present; entwined. The receiving person deeply relaxes, enters into a state of submission; immerses himself in the fire of passion, which gradually begins to occupy the whole body.