Erotic massage and tantric massage

Erotic massage and tantric massage

Erotic massage and tantric massage

Erotic massage and tantric massage.

Magic of tantric massage

I’ll start this way:

Tantric massage is an art. And each giving and receiving person creates it in its own unique way.

For the first time I felt myself a giving person – it was something completely different than before, I felt, strange, elusive, beyond the left hemisphere, on which I was functioning in my professional life at the time. And at the same time, this feeling was very familiar, mine. Exceptional. I feel the great sense of my work when I see in the eyes of my clients heart, joy and bliss; when I know that their deep intentions and desires are realized; when I feel like they are deeply wrapped around me. And so it annoys me personally, as people think that the tantric massage is the same as erotic massage – only has a nicer name to calm the conscience of customers. Very often under the cover of tantra, the services are known and the unconscious client thinks that the tantric massage is primarily about sexual satisfaction. Of course, the tantric massage is very sensual, slinky, it is obtained in the nudity and all parts of the body are massaged, but it is not about the genital orgasm and even more about ejaculation, because along with the ejaculation the man loses valuable life energy. As most of all these are all natural body reflexes and can happen spontaneously, but we do not strive for them.

Besides, I really don’t mind erotic massage – it can be a very nice experience, but different and focused primarily on physicality.

Before tantric massage, we create a sacred space. We start with a short meditation, during which we settle in the body, we release stress, tension and negative emotions with the breath. We say the intention and invite the tantric deities to support the space in this intention. Then the massaged person and masseur combine with each other at the energy level.

Most of all tantric massage is performed in active female energy (Kundalini Shakti) – also to awaken female energy in the client’s body. This energy can provide energy orgasms that change the perception of pleasure completely. Orgasms of the abdomen, heart, throat. Above all, however, this energy has cleaning power and deep transforming power. Destroys old, ossified structures and awakens to true, authentic life in innocent, natural sexuality and joy.

Of course, there are many different types of tantric massage, also much more fiery and sexual, but you will still feel a big difference between erotic massage and professional and ritual tantric massage.

Tantric massage and erotic massage – how do they differ?

You can read more about the differences between tantric and erotic massage in the article: What is the difference between tantric massage and erotic massage? I invite you to read it.





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