How to achieve professional success? Tantric Massage and career success

How to achieve professional success? Tantric Massage and career success

How to achieve professional success? Tantric Massage and career success

In the media, we are constantly shown individuals who have achieved professional success, or who probably know how to achieve it. But is this really the case? In the glare of the flashbulbs, we see beautiful, happy, and wealthy people. Their lives seem perfect to us. They have a perfect appearance, home, family, and friends. It seems to us that these people don’t have to do anything; everything they have comes to them effortlessly. The internet and television maintain this illusion, showing only the bright side of celebrities’ lives. As a result, we receive false information. We only see the tip of the iceberg. We see the cover, but we don’t know what’s inside, what is in the middle. This can lead to feelings of jealousy and injustice within us. We start to believe that only we work hard and get nothing in return, while others have everything without lifting a finger. In most cases, this is not true. Those who have achieved professional success have done so most probably through hard work.

I am writing about this because many years ago, when I still practiced yoga and static meditations regularly, but had not yet discovered the energy of Shakti, its power, and tantric massages, I worked very closely with celebrities and stars from television and the music scene. This world is not as beautiful as it seems from the other side of the screen. There is a lot of hatred, anger, complaining, but as soon as a camera appears, there is a big smile. This is the statistic; most people in this world are like that, but most does not mean all. There are also people who really have big hearts and really try to help themselves and others. People who rarely complain, if someone does something “bad” to them, they move on because they know that no one can bother them with hate. They continue on their life path trying not to hurt others. This is a difficult path for both the “cool” and “not cool” people. This is what this world looks like, and that’s why I distanced myself from it. I chose to leave these scenes, where there is a lot of falsehood, and where people even fight for a better spot at fashion shows, or to have a better angle in front of the camera.

What is certain is that every person, in order to achieve what they achieve, does what they do. And it is certain that definitely, those who complain and constantly send out negative vibrations are worse off, suffering all the time, because spreading anger is their way of focusing on the supposed “problems of others” rather than their own. This is a well-known psychological mechanism. Then there is karma, which comes back around.

It is also interesting that people who come to us for a massage, apart from lawyers, CEOs of large companies, and HR managers, are well-known individuals from TV and magazines (show hosts, actors from series and films), who are really positive people and come to work with themselves, to improve and change some character traits or attitudes in different situations. Interestingly, there is also a similar pattern among very well-known people and those who work in corporations and hold high positions. They have built themselves an emotional armor; their soul seeks a lot of kindness, love, and beautiful feelings, but the society in which they find themselves on a daily basis does not have a positive impact, they automatically build an emotional armor that protects access to the heart and minimizes injuries that can occur daily. But on the other hand, the Manipura chakra is quite active.”

How to achieve professional success?

Fortunately, we are becoming increasingly aware of our minds and our capabilities. We are slowly starting to understand that our lives are in our own hands. It depends on our attitude and the decisions we make what we will achieve in the future. Our thoughts create reality. This applies to every aspect of our lives, including our professional life.

There is no such thing as impossible. How to achieve professional success? Truly anyone can achieve professional success. And it is simpler than it seems. All it takes is taking the right actions.

How to achieve professional success? First and foremost, you will never achieve professional success if you do not do what you like. If work does not give you satisfaction, there is little chance of career development. Not liking to do something, you do not put your heart into it. You perform your work automatically, just to fulfill your duties. Work should be a passion. Of course, we cannot afford to do exactly what we want at every stage of life, but we should strive for it. Just like in many areas of life, in our professional career we should have some action plan. At the very beginning, it is worth defining professional goals, developing a plan to achieve them, and then proceeding to implement the plan by taking specific actions. That’s all there is to it. It seems very reasonable, but in practice, it is sometimes difficult to execute.

Affirmations, meditations, and visualizations are all won- derful tools, but as far as I can tell, none of them on its own is going to bring you real money in the real world. In the real world, you have to take real “action” to succeed.

Harv Eker

How does tantric massage affect professional success?

To achieve what we have set for ourselves, we need to adopt the right attitude. Simply defining goals and setting a plan for their realization may not be enough. Similarly, just knowing how to achieve professional success is not enough. It is worth working on the level of body, mind, and spirit. If we do not work on all these 3 levels, we have an opportunity cost. If we are not properly motivated, we will not take action at all or we will quickly abandon our efforts. Awareness is the most important. Realizing that really everything depends on us, that our professional success is in our hands. Once we realize this, nothing will be able to stop us.

What does tantric massage have to do with professional success? As I have already presented in previous articles, tantric massage affects the entire human nature and all aspects of life, without exception. Therefore, a tantric massage session can be the beginning of wonderful changes, also in professional life.

Tantric massage allows us to find what is most important in life. Find oneself. It allows us to wake up to real life and start living fully consciously. And living fully consciously means doing everything in harmony with oneself. Maybe you have never had the courage to do in life what you really wanted. Maybe others expected something different from you, and you thought they were right. The fact that most people say that something is appropriate or not to do, does not mean that they are right. Nobody is you and nobody will live your life for you, so you decide what you want to do in life, nobody else.

In our daily lives, when we do not have time for moments of respite and reflection, we often do something automatically and out of habit. We do not even have time to calmly think about what we really want to do in life. During tantric massage, we have a chance for a moment of tranquility, to detach our thoughts from everyday life and listen to the voice of our heart. This is the time when we can really be ourselves and listen only to ourselves. Who am I? Why do I live? What do I want to do in life?

Sometimes it is also the case that we are already on the right professional path, we know how to achieve professional success, or we have achieved it, but we need support. Tantric massage is also for such people. It helps to relax, approach problems with distance, and look at them from a different perspective. Tantric massage relaxes the body and mind. It makes thoughts clearer and it is easier for us to make the right decisions. What happens to us during tantric massage is the beginning of positive changes. What we experience during the massage stays with us. Relaxation, calmness, and clarity of mind do not pass away at the end of the session. They continue. Of course, if we want to deepen this state and be in it longer, it is worth regularly using tantric massage. It’s like with other activities. It is not enough to do a training once or meditate once. You have to do it regularly to have an effect. Similarly, in the case of tantric massage. If someone wants to know more about how it is possible that tantric massage has such effects, we invite you to read articles about feminine energy, Shakti energy and how it works when it circulates in the body.


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