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Daria Könchok Jamden Tsemtso

Sergio S. Dorje

Why us?

We share a common passion for working with the beauty of the body and human sexuality.

We are professionals. We have completed courses confirming our qualifications in performing tantric massage. We have experience and customers return for subsequent, unique experiences.

We follow the path of tantra – one of the few ways of development that takes into account the body, sexuality, feeling pleasure and bliss as resources and wonderful tools to grow.

Our approach

We love tantric massages for the extraordinary transforming power for the body, heart and mind.

Giving the professional tantric massage is a real art. Art expressed by a unique touch, respectful to the body, conscious, present, sensual and affecting the depths of man. Touch – sometimes very fiery, with passion; sometimes delicate and sensitive. A touch flowing from the heart.

We create a place where you can experience deep relaxation and stress relief. We will take you to the space of bliss you will often want to come back to. 

We want to open human bodies to unobvious pleasure, to high-vibration sexuality, to the ecstatic sensations and lightness of being.

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