What is Yoni massage and what are its benefits?

What is Yoni massage and what are its benefits?

What is Yoni massage and what are its benefits?

Yoni massage, also known as vaginal massage, is a practice that did not originate from the Far East as many people, including tantric massage teachers, think. Yoni massage was used in temple times, a period lasting from 8000-6000 years ago to roughly 2500 years ago. Perhaps even earlier, but unfortunately, there is no evidence to support this.

Tantric yoni massage in Warsaw is currently popular worldwide. This practice can bring many medical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, and its popularity is growing with women’s increasing interest in exploring and nurturing their sexuality. Like any practice that can bring many benefits, it can bring drawbacks and be dangerous if performed by people who:

  • Perform the massage with a sexual undertone
  • Perform yoni massage to satisfy their own pleasure
  • Perform vaginal massage with the aim of bringing the woman to orgasm at all costs
  • Lack basic knowledge of human body anatomy, including vaginal anatomy
  • Lack specialized knowledge of working with emotions
  • Lack specialized knowledge of working with the body
  • Lack specialized knowledge of working with trauma
  • Lack specialized knowledge of working with a person during an emotional crisis
  • Lack specialized knowledge in first aid
  • Disrespect basic safety and hygiene rules
  • Have certain unprocessed psychological aspects that will make it difficult for them to respect a woman’s boundaries

What else to consider when choosing a yoni massage therapist?

Education and specialized knowledge of the body and yoni

The person performing intimate massage should have knowledge of female anatomy and physiology, including the structure of the vagina, the hormonal system, pelvic floor muscles, and understand the effect of hormones on the functioning of the female body. They should also be qualified in applying the appropriate massage techniques. This is just as important in tantric massage.

The person performing yoni massage should not only have knowledge about female anatomy and physiology but also about the impact of emotions and stress on the female body’s functioning. It is also worth noting that the masseur/yoni should be qualified in applying the appropriate massage techniques, so make sure to check their biography, what schools/courses they completed. And make sure that these institutions from where they received certificates/courses really exist or existed! Look around 😉

Communication skills necessary in yoni massage

The person performing the yoni massage should be able to communicate with the patient in an open, empathetic, and unbiased way to ensure her comfort and safety and respect all boundaries. The patient should feel at ease and safe throughout the entire session.

Relaxation skills before and during yoni massage

The person performing the yoni massage should be able to help the woman achieve a state of complete relaxation and ease to facilitate the introduction into a state of meditation and inner understanding. The patient should have the opportunity to express her needs and expectations before starting the massage. The person performing the massage should be sensitive to the patient’s needs, as well as show empathy and understanding for her experiences. The person receiving the massage should feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Sensitivity, empathy, tenderness, and delicacy

Sensitivity and empathy are key elements of yoni massage. The person performing the massage should be able to understand the patient’s needs and show empathy for her experiences. This way, the patient can feel at ease and safe throughout the whole process.

Tantric yoni massage requires exceptional tenderness and delicacy, as the vaginal area is very sensitive and requires special attention. The person performing the massage should be able to adapt their techniques to the individual needs of the patient and avoid violating boundaries. In this way, the patient can feel at ease and safe throughout the whole process. It is also worth noting that yoni massage should be performed by someone who approaches the procedure with a genuine respect and reverence for the female body.

Certification and experience

The person performing the yoni massage should be qualified and have the appropriate certificates and experience in working with women and yoni massage. Psychological and urogynecological education is key.

All these competencies are crucial for ensuring a safe, effective, and enjoyable yoni massage therapy. Therefore, before choosing a specialist, it is worth ensuring that they have the appropriate qualifications and experience in this field.

What is a Yoni Massage?

A massage of the intimate areas in women is an ancient practice that has been used for many years to heal women’s health and emotional problems. Yoni massage can help women achieve complete relaxation and stress relief, as well as increase self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s also worth noting that yoni massage can – as an addition to academic treatment methods, help in treating problems related to the vagina, such as pain during intercourse or vaginal dryness.

masaż yoni

Yoni Massage vs. Yoni Mapping

Vaginal massage, despite its healing effects, can be used purely for pleasure. A vaginal massage aimed at physical pleasure is performed as part of an erotic massage. However, a vaginal massage without pleasure goals may be part of tantric massages. A tantric yoni massage as part of a tantric massage, although it’s called a “massage”, doesn’t have much in common with a massage because it is a technique using pressures and stretches in different parts of the yoni. This type of massage is also called yoni mapping.

What does a yoni massage look like?

The intimate area massage for a woman is very delicate and requires a qualified therapist. Typically, the masseur starts by relaxing the woman’s body, then focuses on massaging the groin and inner thighs. Next, the masseur performs a gentle massage of the vagina, which includes the inner part of the vagina and the clitoris.

In authentic tantric massage, the vagina massage cannot occur separately. Before focusing on the yoni, it is necessary for the woman to be in a state of trust and relaxation. Yoni mapping in a state of distrust or, even worse, a state of freeze is a contraindication to yoni massage, as in such a case instead of achieving healing effects, unhealthy effects of such practice may occur. Therefore, the specialist performing such a massage cannot “push” to perform the massage if there is not the appropriate physical and psychological state of the person being massaged. The ability to recognize such states requires a vast amount of knowledge and practice.

Yoni mapping in tantric massage mainly consists of pressing and stretching soft tissues. The pressures are applied to the Marma points inside the yoni. In tantric massage, there can be no rubbing inside the yoni, as it is not an erotic massage.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

Yoni massage can bring many health, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Medical Benefits: Yoni massage aids in improving blood circulation, regulates the function of the pelvic floor muscles, i.e., helps in strengthening and tightening weaker muscles and supports the relaxation of overly tense muscles, it can contribute to the regulation of the menstrual cycle, many women report a decrease in menstrual pain intensity, some write that it also alleviates symptoms associated with premenstrual tension syndrome.
  2. Emotional Benefits: Yoni massage helps women in discovering and understanding their body and sexual needs. It assists women in letting go of negative past experiences that may affect their ability to enjoy sex, as well as helps in improving self-acceptance and self-confidence. Of course, it’s necessary for the masseur to respect the woman’s boundaries, and for her to communicate her boundaries while respecting her own limits.
  3. Spiritual Benefits: Yoni massage assists women in discovering their feminine power, and also aids in deepening the spiritual bond with herself and with her partner – couples massage, this form of massage deepens relationships and enriches intimate life. Along with discovering strength and inner power, women often begin to experience greater self-confidence and a sense of peace. A well-conducted vagina massage as part of a true tantric massage facilitates the connection of the Three Temples: consciousness, heart, and body/sexuality – which in turn has a beneficial impact on interpersonal relationships and in decision-making processes.

If you want to read more about yoni massage, I invite you to read the article on yoni massage.



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