Kama Marma

tantra massage

Unlock life energy and open your body fully.

Kama Marma Massage. Even during the matriarchy, Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra were one system in India and parts of the Himalayas. They were separated at a later time. They are the foundation for health, longevity, transformation and ultimately self-fulfillment.

Marma are energy points that are in the physical body and are connected to the energy body. Life energy usually locks in these places. Pressing them in a specific way, in favorable, temple conditions, releases this energy. The unblocked energy begins to circulate freely in individual chakras and throughout the body, opening the body to a new, extremely sensational experience. The right amount of energy in the chakras will both improve your physical and mental health.

Kama in Sanskrit means lust. Stimulation of individual points thanks to the transformative power of sexual energy unblocks the body’s bodily potential.

The Kama Marma massage is both an extremely sensual, determined, deep touch, as well as a non-touch energy massage.

It is a temple massage, also used for healing sexual problems.