Senses Wide Open for couples

tantra massage

You will lie side by side in a room dedicated to spiritual practices. In the Temple, you will relax with beautiful, high-vibratory music, you will sink into the scent of aromatic herbs, and your bodies will be illuminated by the glow of candles.


Massage therapists with their presence-filled touch will bring you to a special place inside you. A place full of love, bliss, peace and awareness. It's all up to you - how deep you want to go.

Tantalizing massage.

Tantric massage for couples


In our Temple you will experience a true tantric massage for couples, which stimulates the body by clearing energy blockages and drawing on life-giving sexual energy. Massage for couples in Warsaw is performed by a tantric couple whose competence is certified by numerous certificates and certificates of completion of courses and workshops. You are assured that every touch is thoughtful, safe and in accordance with the tenets of tantric massage. In our Temple, the body takes on a dimension of the sacrum, is treated with due respect and taken care of professionally.

The touch of love makes it gain not only the body, but also the soul and mind, and the connection with the partner acquires a multidimensional meaning, becomes one of a kind. Tantric massage for couples in Warsaw is aimed at happy partners, but also those who are struggling and want to rebuild a lost bond, arouse passion, experience something together at the deepest level.

How does a tantric massage for couples in Warsaw proceed? Couples lie side by side on comfortable mattresses, and we use only natural oils at work, for example, pure coconut oil. The massage is performed by two people, so each partner is given proper care. We respect every boundary because your comfort is paramount, so we work according to the needs and expectations of the couple.

Which couples will benefit from tantric massage?


Tantric massage in Warsaw will be appreciated by any couple who are looking for new experiences and want to get even closer to each other. We especially invite lovers of new sensations wishing to:

  • open themselves to deeper intimacy,
  • feel intimacy,
  • experience more pleasure together,
  • rekindle desire,
  • rekindle passion,
  • discover sexuality,
  • learn to experience orgasms more frequently and intensely.

No matter how long you've been in a relationship, tantric massage for couples in Warsaw is an advanced technique to stimulate sexual energy. This work with the physical body also positively affects the mind, so experiencing a joint tantric massage can bring harmony to a relationship.

Tantric massage for couples Warsaw - what technique?


We constantly see couples rediscovering themselves thanks to tantric massages, especially when it comes to long-standing relationships, when sometimes the fire dims slightly. We will help you explore new spaces, even if you have shared your lives together for 20 years. We can work with the intention that the relationship will flourish on the chosen plane, at the level of the three Temples: body, heart and consciousness. Because harmony in a relationship is not only about sexual satisfaction, but also a deeper connection, because a relationship cannot be without a root.

Tantric massage for couples in Warsaw takes many forms, and one of the more popular ones we offer is the Wide Open Senses massage. You will experience professional touch while lying side by side on special mattresses, surrounded by the with the scent of herbs, enveloped by moving music and illuminated by the glow of atmospheric candles.

Massage Senses Wide Open - enjoy intimacy and sexuality with your loved one!


Authenticity, awareness, love, deeper sensations in the whole body - Tantric massage in Warsaw at the Temple is an extraordinary encounter with yourself and your other half. Especially a series of regular massages leads to the best results in the the form of better well-being, greater self-awareness and a feeling of peace in the physical and mental body.

You are more than welcome to contact us! If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer, advise, explain all the details. Please also refer to the FAQ tab and our knowledge base, which are the starting point for enjoying a of the massage.

Is tantric massage for couples an erotic massage?


We would like to remind you that a tantric massage is not an erotic massage. Although the focus on intimate places is possible, its purpose is not to relieve genital tension. Tantric massage is about activating vital energy, which unblocks chakras, blockages in energy channels, and affects not only the body, but also the mind. Read more about the differences between tantric and erotic massage in the article: Tantric massage vs. erotic massage.

And how about a tantric massage course for couples?


Or maybe you want to personally explore the nature of tantric massage for couples, so that you can expand the horizons of intimacy and passion in the comfort of your own home? We encourage you to take advantage of the tantric massage course for couples in Warsaw, which will allow you to experience unique touch whenever you want. The workshop is used by heterosexual and homosexual couples, and even couples of friends who are simply looking for intimacy.

How does a tantric massage course in Warsaw work in practice? As a rule, it takes the form of a 2-day workshop, which is individual, that is, the attention is 100% devoted to you. You are guaranteed intimacy and comfort, and one day we train only one couple in order to focus even more on the participants. We are here for you!