Senses Wide Open

tantra massage

Start your fascinating adventure with tantric massage!

Tantric Wide Open Senses Massage is the perfect massage for the first meeting with tantric touch. It awakens the body from a slow but at the same time extremely subtle, sensitive, deep and full touch presence. This massage reminds how beautiful it is to have a body, a wonderful gift that we should care for almost every day with sensitivity and tenderness. Of course, for most of us, daily body conditioning is almost impossible due to an active lifestyle. That is why this massage takes on an absolutely sensual journey, which the body will remember for a long time and in which it will want to go on a regular basis.

This massage nourishes all your senses, allows you to enjoy corporality and sexuality, arouses vital forces through sexual energy. In a gentle way, it releases blockages standing in the way of feeling pleasure and bliss.

At the beginning, we gradually awaken the internal fire and the hot, multirgasmic energy of Kundalini Shakti, which, reaching the heart, rekindles its ardent flame. Then we import a cooler, blissful, dissolving, relaxing energy of Shiva. The combination of these two energies will make your body melt in pleasure and extraordinary sensations, and the body, mind and spirit become altered again and again.

Treat yourself to a pleasure that deeply touches not only the body but also the heart.

You can choose between two-hand massage and four-hand massage.