How to find yourself and how to feel better

How to find yourself and how to feel better

How to find yourself and how to feel better

In the lives of more and more people, there comes a time when they ask themselves the question “How to feel better?” “Who am I really?” How to find yourself? What is the correct answer? Is the answer what role do we play in family life? Or maybe the answer is what position do we take at work? What kind of education do we have? What do we believe in? What is our nationality? What are our political views? Are we able to tell ourselves who we really are by answering all these questions? Well, no, we are not.

There’s no denying that all our roles in life are important. But they don’t define us. They don’t show us who we really are. And it’s hard to find yourself in today’s world. It is difficult, but it is possible. All you need is a willingness, time and commitment.

We trust our minds too much these days. That’s why we can’t live here and now. Our lives are made up of thoughts that are always about the past or the future. We are saddened when we think about what happened and afraid when we think about what might happen. And life goes on right now. Right now.

Thoughts, in turn, arouse emotions. Saddened by the past and worried about the future, we feel negative emotions, which in turn create our reality.  Worried and afraid, we are blocking ourselves and our abilities. We live as if in an illusion, because our reality is created by negative and incorrect thoughts.

How to find yourself and how to feel better?

There are many ways to find yourself. First of all, you have to start by silencing your mind. Stop the rushing thoughts. This is difficult because we are accustomed to continuous thinking. And the way we think is shaped by everything around us. Starting from childhood, when we observe parents and other adults. We imitate their behaviour, and thus their way of thinking.  We are currently bombarded by hundreds of messages every day in the ubiquitous media – the press, television, radio and the Internet. This is an aggressive message that also has a major impact on what we think. Everything that surrounds us, everything what we read, listen and watch, affects what we are and how we perceive the whole world. In most cases, there is no real perception. We have a curved image of reality. We can change that if we find each other. First we will know what we are really like and only then we will be able to choose what is good and what is true.

How to feel better? The first step to finding yourself is to silence your mind. There are several ways to do this. Through yoga practice, meditation, walking in a natural environment, a lonely journey or through tantric massage .

How does tantric massage help you find yourself?

There’s no better way to hang your mind up than to relax deeply. The blissful peace of mind allows us to break away from everyday matters and look at ourselves, our life and the surrounding world from a completely new perspective. Why is tantric massage so relaxing? Because it is a kind of massage that works not only with the body, but also with the spirit, with our energy. It is not enough to relax the body or just the mind. Body, mind, heart and soul form a whole. Everything is interconnected. If we really want to relax, calm down, we need to take care of every aspect of human nature.

Tantric massage as a perfect tool to get to know yourself

In our temple we have great experience in performing tantric massage. Almost every day we see how extraordinary things happen. It’s not just our feelings. We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We cannot publish them all since we publish only when we receive the explicit approval, but some of them are included in the testimonials section of our website The opinions are genuine and received from our satisfied customers.

People change for the better. All you have to do is help them. No one will change our lives for us if we do not want it ourselves and do not open ourselves up to change. We, as massage therapists, can only help in the transformation. Show the right way, support you with our knowledge and experience. We know how to work with sexual energy. In this way, we know how to help people remove blockages from their bodies and minds, how to open people up to new experiences, how to provide deep relaxation and pleasure in life.

All the sensations of tantric massage are crucial for awakening consciousness and searching for the answer to the questions “Who I really am” or “How to feel better?”. We will never find answers to them if we do not let go, silence our minds and experience deep relaxation. And it is worth freeing ourselves from the unfavourable beliefs that the patriarchal world has coded in us. It is worth getting rid of fears, unhealthy patterns and customs. From bad beliefs about sexuality and relationships. It is worth taking off the burden that we carry with us through our lives. Remove the emotional blockages that do not really allow you to live. It is only when we get rid of all this, when we understand the burden that has accompanied us all our lives, that we will feel light. We will take life in our own hands and start to create it on our own terms.

It’s really worth to follow the path leading to conscious living and knowing the true “I”, because only then we can live in full happiness and consciousness.

Sergio S Dorje



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