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Senses Wide Open Massage

Start your fascinating adventure with tantric massage!


Kama Marma massage

Unlock life energy and open your body fully.


Senses Wide Open massage for couples

Celebrate and deepen your relationship, closeness and passion in a unique way.


Fire Snake Massage

Awaken the fire of passion and open yourself to ecstatic sensations


Kashmiri massage ritual

It’s an amazing, deep, intimate, passionate, spiritual experience.

Kama Marma massage, Senses Wide Open massage, Fire Serpent massage - we know that everyone has different needs, therefore as part of our mission we offer a varied offer of rituals - tantric massages in Warsaw, with which everyone will get exactly what they need at the moment. And it is this wealth of choice, diversity and flexibility that people who come to us for knowledge transfers and tantric massages value. If you don't know which one choose a technique for working with the body, below you will find information on tantric massage and its varieties.

Tantric massages

Sexual energy is the energy of life. We usually don't go further than the vestibule, we never enter the palace, Osho said. We know that tantric touch allows you to enter the palace, we believe in the power of tantric massages, which have already opened the eyes of many of our adepts. Sexual energy is vital energy, strength to act, drive to achieve goals, to feel the depth of life, consciousness. Includes not only the body, but also the mind and soul - activating the respected and vital sexual energy is the key to the gate of harmony.

How does tantric massage in Warsaw work? First of all, it cleanses the chakras and unlocks stagnant sexual energy. It releases blockages, deepens awareness, brings relief, directs and, above all, opens to all emotions - their perception and acceptance.

Tantric massages

Thanks to the tantric massage at the Anahata Tantra Temple in Warsaw, you can enjoy a peaceful, safe space surrounded by silence. We apply only natural products such as coconut oil - edible, not cosmetic(sweet almond oil if you are allergic to coconut oil, please report it when signing up). Get rid of worries and let experienced masseurs lead you on a sincere journey into yourself. Get ready to be wrapped in velvety pleasure and bliss.

We make sure that everyone feels comfortable during the massage, which is why masseurs wear pareo so that tantric massage is not associated with erotic massage. Because you need to know that these are two completely different techniques working with the body, which we talk more about in the article: Tantric massage a erotic massage.

Enjoy a unique combination of therapeutic massage techniques tailored to your individual needs. Relax, unwind and regain your energy thanks to a tantric massage whereyou set the limits.

Studio tantric massages Warsaw - what are the types of massages?

What exactly are the tantric massage techniques we want to offer you?

Massage Senses Wide Open

Senses Wide Open, i.e. a massage in the element of fire and air, is a massage dedicated to both people who receive a tantric massage with us for the first time. It is distinguished by a subtle, sensitive, deep, emotional touch, which slowly opens, awakens, gives awareness. It pays tribute to the body, shows how important it is a gift, how important it is to take care of its energy. It has a supportive character when the ubiquitous rush, rush and everyday cares do not allow you to fully take care of yourself.

A true Tantric Senses Wide Open massage begins with the activation of the fiery energy of Kundalini Shakti, and then gradually progresses to the cooler, more relaxing energy of Shiva. So if you want to go on a sensual journey, awaken your senses, go towards bliss, we invite you - let's worship your body.

Kama Marma massage

What is the Kama Marma tantric massage, i.e. maintained in the earth element, firmly grounding? Marma are points in the physical body connected to the energy body. It is in them that life energy is often blocked. Our job is skillfully and professionally releasing energy using specific pressure, to clear the chakras and let the energy circulate freely according to its own rhythm. Whereas kama means desire– the touch of specific points unlocks the ogham potential of the body, the effect of which will be felt in intimate relationships at home with a partner.

The Kama Marma massage consists of deep touch (stronger pressure with the hands on the muscles), but also non-contact energy massage, which has a beneficial effect on increasing the energy sensitivity of the physical body.

Fire Snake Massage

The Fire Snake massage is a massage in the fire element and is aimed at people we already know who have had several tantric massages. This is one of the most advanced techniques of working with the body, where the goal is activating the intelligent energy of Kundalini Shakti feeding every part of the body. The Fire Serpent massage uses narrow, spiral, entwining movements, partly reminiscent of snake movements.

Kashmiri Massage Ritual

This is another tantric massage maintained in the element of earth and air, addressed to people who have experience with this type of massage, as in the case of the Fiery Serpent massage. The ritual refers to the Indian tradition Kashmiri Shaivism, in which specific positions must be taken. They will take you into the world of self-love in a mystical atmosphere.

Tantric massages in Warsaw - is it worth it?

What are the benefits of tantric massages in Warsaw in our Temple? They lead to the acceptance of one's own body, release blockages, open to closeness and intimacy, increase self-esteem. They also allow feel freer during sex with a partner or prana, get rid of shame, ignite a flame of passion with a loved one. Tantric massage often causes people to experience change for the better, they are open not not only for those close to you, but also for yourself. Working with sexual energy is a mystical experience, and each encounter is unique.

Tantric massage is the essence of the question: "Who am I really?". It not only allows you to explore your own sexuality, integrate with the body, but also to achieve peace and bliss, because it brings benefits in every sphere life. Now you know what type of massage may be ideal for you, and if you still have doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Tantric massage studio

Experience the power of self-discovery with tantric massage therapists. Enjoy a unique journey that will open you to life. Discover the path of life with qualified specialists. Thanks to our massage tantric you can take your mind, body and spirit to the next level.

Each massage, Kama Marma Massage, Senses Wide Open Massage, Fire Snake Massage and Kashmiri Massage Ritual, is carried out professionally using natural oils in a temple atmosphere. About our competences certificates, completed courses and workshops, a medical school, and above all psychological studies and many years of massage practice, which guarantee safe and effective work with the body physical and mental.

Tantric massages - do they include the touch of intimate places?

Although tantric massages in Warsaw in our Temple are not erotic massages, they may include mapping of intimate places, i.e. focus on them, but they do not have to. It depends on individual limits. For example Kama Marma Massage and Fire Serpent Ritual Massage include elements of Yoni (vagina) massage and Lingam massage.

In conclusion, there are various techniques of tantric massage to choose from, during which the movements of the masseuse or masseur differ. Delicate, subtle, but also fiery, decisive. Techniques can be combined, and we, as certified specialists, we know how to meet the needs of a specific person.

Do you have to be naked during a tantric massage? It depends on your preferences and sense of comfort, each person can choose whether they want to receive a massage without clothes or in underwear. Feel the power of healing touch and experience release tensions and connecting with your full self. Accept the gift of awareness and development thanks to a tantric massage in Warsaw!