What is Yoni massage and what are its benefits?

Yoni massage, also known as vaginal massage, is a practice that did not originate from the Far East as many people, including tantric massage teachers, think. Yoni massage was used in temple times, a period lasting from 8000-6000 years ago to roughly 2500 years ago. Perhaps even earlier, but unfortunately, there is no evidence to […]

How to find yourself and how to feel better

In the lives of more and more people, there comes a time when they ask themselves the question “How to feel better?” “Who am I really?” How to find yourself? What is the correct answer? Is the answer what role do we play in family life? Or maybe the answer is what position do we […]

Anniversary gift – tantric massage as a present for couples, girlfriend and boyfrient

Most couples who chose a tantra massage as a gift for the anniversary, after the first session choose to come for the same massage regularly.

How to achieve professional success? Tantric Massage and career success

In the media, we are constantly shown individuals who have achieved professional success, or who probably know how to achieve it. But is this really the case? In the glare of the flashbulbs, we see beautiful, happy, and wealthy people. Their lives seem perfect to us. They have a perfect appearance, home, family, and friends. […]

Massage for Women – Tantric Massage for Ladies

Our everyday life and massage for women…What characterizes our everyday life? Primarily, racing and pervasive stress. We are exposed to difficult, annoying situations which we are not always able to deal with. And this behavior reflects our health. It is necessary to realize that stress is not only a bad mental well-being. It is also […]

Erotic massage and tantric massage

Erotic massage and tantric massage. Magic of tantric massage I’ll start this way: Tantric massage is an art. And each giving and receiving person creates it in its own unique way. For the first time I felt myself a giving person – it was something completely different than before, I felt, strange, elusive, beyond the […]

Four-hand tantric massage

Four hand tantric massage is an unforgettable experience, absolutely unique and changing the perception of pleasure. Sometimes using synchronous movements on both halves of the body and sometimes following intuition. Two masseuses or masseurs simultaneously massages the right and left side of the body or in an up and down direction. A double dose of relaxation, […]

Tantric massage – a unique and unforgettable gift for him

Tantric massage – a unique and unforgettable gift for him Whenever there was an event in my partner’s life or in our relationship, I was wondering how to celebrate it and these shared, important and magical moments, and what gift for him should I choose. The gift arsenal was quickly depleted and the next perfume, […]

Tantric massage – what is it?

Tantric massage Tantric massage is a real art. I feel it more and more with every customer. It is primarily a dance of different energies that each time create a different whole, a different dance system. Art depends on the intentions of the person being massaged, on the main energies and emotions that it comes […]