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Tantric massage is often confused with an erotic massage. Many people also provide erotic services under the cover of tantra. That is why it is so important for us that our client knows what to expect and choose consciously the services that he currently needs.

Tantric massage is a deep practice of working with a physical and energetic body. It awakens life forces by activating personal potential.

That’s why:

  • Our masseuses and masseurs massage in pareo not to redirect the client’s attention towards erotic massage.
  • There is no sexual exchange during the massage. The client is the receiving person, allowing the sexual energy to develop and involve higher and higher energy centers.
  • Therefore, we ask that the client does not touch the masseurs.
  • During the massage, we do not provide sexual services, there is no place for sex, including oral sex.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tantric massage that you offer an erotic massage? Is this massage a matter of sexual pleasure?

No. Tantric massage is not an erotic massage. Tantric massage uses sexual energy for personal development. The purpose of tantric massage is not to bring genital orgasm, it is to stimulate female multiorgasmic energy in the body of Kundalini Shakti.

Do masseuses and masseuses who perform tantric massage, massage naked?

No. Our masseuses and masseurs massage in pareo to focus better on the service performed and not to redirect the attention of the client towards the erotic massage.

Will I be without clothes during a tantric massage?

Yes, to get a massage you have to be without clothes.

Does the tantric massage session that you offer include intimate zone massage?

During a standard tantric massage – Senses Wide Open we do not focus on the intimate sphere. This means that we touch intimate places to activate sexual energy and carry it to the heart and upper chakras, but we do not make a separate intimate massage.

Of course, if you want the masseur to touch your intimate places – this is perfectly right, your comfort, safety and limits are the most important for us. Before the massage during the conversation, we will ask you for your limits.

Will I have an orgasm during a massage?

Genital orgasm is not the goal of tantric massage. However, it can happen. Do not force yourself to orgasm or suppress sexual energy if the climax is approaching. During the massage, we let go of control because we feel safe and that is why every natural experience is the most on the spot. Read more about massage for women in the article: Massage for Women – Tantric massage for Ladies

Will I have ejaculation during a tantric massage?

Ejaculation is not the goal of tantric massage. We are not seeking genital orgasm. According to tantric teachings, ejaculation results in dispersal of vital energy. Therefore, in a tantric massage, we try to accumulate sexual energy inside the body and circulate it. In this way the body is cleansed and the man can experience the bliss of the whole body and eventually even the orgasms of energy.

Are there any age limits to get a tantric massage?

No. Since it is not erotic there are no restrictions. Mothers sometimes buy the massage for their 16, 17 years old daughters or sons. In addition for underage men/women intimate parts will be avoided during massage.

How can I prepare for a tantric massage?

1) We suggest not to consume alcohol or limit its consumption before the massage
2) We suggest – do not smoke at least a few hours before the massage
3) If possible – limit the consumption of meat and so-called junk food before the massage
4) Depilation of intimate areas is recommended, but not obligatory
You need to come in for a massage in a good mood

Why depilation of intimate places is recommended before tantric massage?

Tantric massage is about moving energy in the body. Hair will stop or hinder the movement of energy.

Where massage sessions take place?

Massages take place at the Anahata Tantra Temple, in Warsaw. The temple is a separate, specially arranged place in the apartment, which is used exclusively for tantric massages and spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga. The massage takes place on a comfortable mattress on the floor.

Can I take a shower at the massage site?

Yes, you can take a shower before a massage. You can also take a shower after a massage, but wait a few hours, because we use 100% pure natural organic (edible) oils that will further nourish the skin after massage.

Should I bring something with me?

If you have your favorite pareo/sarong, you can take it with you. If you want, you can also bring a large towel. (Note that pareo/sarong and towel may get oil spots!) If not, do not worry, we have everything we need.
Payment only in cash.

What kind of oil do you use?

We use 100% pure and certified BIO organic oils, such as coconut oil and sweet almond oil.


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