Massage for Women – Tantric Massage for Ladies

Massage for Women – Tantric Massage for Ladies

Massage for Women – Tantric Massage for Ladies

Our everyday life and massage for women…What characterizes our everyday life? Primarily, racing and pervasive stress. We are exposed to difficult, annoying situations which we are not always able to deal with. And this behavior reflects our health. It is necessary to realize that stress is not only a bad mental well-being. It is also a road leading to many serious diseases. Do you think there is no way to get rid of it, because you cannot live without stress? Yes, but you can use a tantric massage for ladies – massage for women, which will help to relieve the negative tension. Tantric massage for women, what is it? First, let’s talk a little bit about stress.


How does stress destroy us?

In order to understand why it’s worth signing up for a tantric massage session, it is worth to first get to know the subject of stress and its impact on the whole body. How to recognize the symptoms of stress? It all depends on what stress we are talking about. If we talk about the shortwave, caused by one particular situation, the symptoms are a short intermittent breath, sweating, an accelerated heart action – all this should give us food for thought, it is a sign that we are stressed. If, for a long time, we have been accompanied by apathy, tiredness, lack or excess of appetite, it is a sign that we have been living under stress for a long time, which can be really miserable. The negative effects of stress include such health complications as:

  • weakening of the immune system
  • excessive deposition of adipose tissue through increased production of cortisol
  • increased susceptibility to viral infections
  • increasing the risk of breast cancer
  • diseases of the cardiac system
  • the release of autoimmune diseases
  • and much more

In the case of women, it is worth mentioning the problems with pregnancy, menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation – as you can see, stress affects the entire body.


Menstrual cramps

From our experience, tantric massages and sexual healing sessions often reduce menstrual cramps, even in the worst cases, when the tablets are barely working. Often large results can be seen even after 2 sessions. This is not a treatment. There is no guarantee, but we can say so from our observations and from the feedback we get from clients and from friends, who have received tantric massages and healing sessions from us.


How to deal with stress?

It’s easy to say – don’t stress out. We are programmed to not really care about the consequences of our actions, it is difficult for us to observe the course of events that are important to us without any emotion. However, for the sake of our own health, we must do something about it. An excellent addition to tantric massage for ladies will include, among other things, relaxing in a warm bath with essential oils, reading a good book. Physical exercises, during which endorphins, that is, happiness hormones, are very helpful in reducing stress. However, in my opinion, the best solution will be to regularly attend tantric massage sessions, the benefits of which you can read below.


Tantric massage for women is not an erotic massage

Tantric massage for ladies is a unique practice that has a very purifying effect on our body. The assumptions of tantric massage are based around life energy, which is sexual energy. It is its free flow that makes us full of life, energy, vitality, we are in a good mood and health. Unfortunately, the truth is that the already mentioned stress, accumulated emotions, unreachable traumas, block life-giving energy.

And this leads to many disorders, not only on the mental background, but also on the physical one. And here comes the massage therapist who specializes in tantric massage. It is therefore a relaxing, healing body work, whose primary task is to release blocked energy, allowing it to move freely. Tantric massage is also an opportunity to discover the consciousness of your body, to discover the layers of sensuality and an extremely effective way to like your body and increase self-esteem. It is true that this practice is extremely sensual, but it does not mean that a tantric massage should be confused with an erotic massage.

There are differences between these practices. The main difference is that the goals of tantric massage and erotic massage are completely different. In the latter – the aim is sexual pleasure – its building and unloading during hand penetration movements. In contrast, in tantric massage, pleasure has a completely different dimension. I am talking here about feeling pleasure with the whole body, about experiencing on the physical, mental and spiritual level. More information about the difference between tantric massage and erotic massage can be read in our separate article, which I highly recommend 🙂


Why a tantric massage for ladies is worth to give a try?

Tantric massage for ladies is a proposal for those women who feel they have lost themselves in everyday bustle, which cease to see a sensual woman who hid the layers of her sexuality at the very bottom of her “I”. Thanks to the tantric massage, many levels of the female body are strengthened. I am talking here about such elements as:

  • emotionality
  • sensuality
  • tenderness
  • curiosity about your body
  • self-esteem
  • confidence
  • acceptance of yourself
  • assertiveness
  • heart-directed action


How to prepare for tantric massage?

Do you think about signing up for a tantric massage for ladies? Many women may feel uncomfortable during their first session. The idea of tantric massage is to worship nudity, the body is considered sacred, the person receiving the massage is like a goddess, to which the masseur refers with full respect in the temple atmosphere. At first, it may be a bit embarrassing, but only until the potential client realizes that when you sign up for such a massage for women is dealing with a professional, whose job is to make her feel great in your body, everything without innuendo that you can easily meet in other services with a similar name.

During the session of such massage, the whole body is massaged, including intimate places, unless at the first session the person receiving a massage for women has its own limits, which will be respected. A woman receiving a massage can set limits so that, for example, the first session would be without an intimate touch. To stimulate the senses and more effective touch, we use a certified unrefined coconut oil, which also works wonderfully on the skin and nourishes it, so we also suggest that before the session, do not grease yourself at home with lotions. I usually recommend seven tantric massage sessions for women so that they can enjoy their new “I” so that they can completely relax. Of course, nothing stands in the way of more sessions – this is the individual choice of the client. However, if a person comes to us with a specific topic, for which she would like to work, probably the best solution is 1-2 tantric massages and sexual healing sessions.


Put yourself in the hands of a professional – a massage for ladies

As we have already mentioned, a tantric massage for women can even be said, an intimate experience, which is why it is so important who makes it. Deciding on the massage for women proposed by us, you can be sure that you will be handed over to the therapist with all rights (which can be checked on the “Certificates” page) and full of passion for their work.

Regardless of age, appearance, religion – if there are no health contraindications for tantric massage, you should try, to experience extraordinary effects for your body, mind and spirit.

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